Solution Design and Implementation

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Solution Design and Implementation

We translate organization strategies into business and technology requirements, and architect the best technical solutions!


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What we do

At CICTI we help our clients deliver high-impact digital strategies at scale, speed, and the lowest attainable cost. Our work covers the full technology stack, from selecting the right applications and tools, to advising on next-generation IT infrastructures, to creating custom web and mobile apps through rapid prototyping methods.

Five elements distinguish our approach:

  • Strategy-to-business needs to technical capability

    Our combination of industry expertise with technical depth allows us to match digital strategies to business requirements to the technologies required to deliver strategic objectives.

  • Technology choice and supplier selection

    Our Business Technology practitioners have the technical capability to help clients make the right technical choices—the right target data architecture, the right applications and tools, the right infrastructure environment. In addition, we support clients as they select suppliers, whether it’s choosing the right ERP solution, the right SaaS tools, or the right Application Development or infrastructure partners.

  • Technology-independence

    We have no vested interest in particular solutions. This frees us to conduct objective, comprehensive evaluations of the available options and help to select and manage technologies and vendors without fear or favour. Our thinking is strategic, and our bias in favour of what is practical and what works.

  • Prototyping—making technology impact a tangible reality

    Our team comprises experts with deep experience in user interaction, visual and information design, data visualization, business intelligence, data management, data analytic, and software development. This capability allows us to rapidly create prototypes, apps and smart integration layers to accelerate delivery and business value. All our projects use iterative approaches and resources across time zones for overnight turnaround. This helps our clients touch and feel how using the technologies will create impact.

  • Program delivery and value assurance

    We have a proven record of helping clients deliver complex technology-driven programs on time and within budget. Our proprietary Value Assurance methodology has been applied at both public- and private-sector clients across a range of industries. Our approach combines a broad and coherent view of an IT project, a focus on business value, and an emphasis on building capabilities within client teams to ensure sustainability.


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